“Once upon a time there was a dream, a dream of women

turning the world all over and it still lives-

it lives for those who would be sisters.

it lives for those who need a sister” – Pat Parker


My Grandmother, Eula. On her 18th Birthday

My Grandmother, Eula. On her 18th Birthday

Dear Eula,

Fish Without a Bicycle is named after the needlepoint that hung in your kitchen.

Thank you for being formidable and never pretending not to be.

Thank you for teaching me how to drive, how to cook and to look people in the eye when speaking to them. Thank you for keeping the news on in some form and impressing upon me the importance of voting and being attune to the social and political events of my lifetime.

Thank you for encouraging me to go to film school and sending me to San Francisco with enough dry goods to last me through my first semester.

Thank you for never scoffing at me when I told you how much I yearned to enter the priesthood – even though you were very suspicious of all religion. Thank you for clipping articles out of the newspaper about women who had been ordained.

You resisted seeing yourself as feminist, but you raised up a girl who could unapologetically claim feminism as an identity, an ethos. and a political as well as a spiritual ideal. Thank you.

With Love and Eternal Gratitude,

Your Granddaughter,

Sara St. Martin Lynne

About this Blog

I started Fish Without a Bicycle in the summer of 2013 largely as a place to collect, house and share some of the writing I was doing about the conversations that were happening in regard to women’s culture,  the material reality of female experience, and the validity of female defined autonomous space.

I write about what I know, from my own experience, my own skin, cells, brain and body. I have been writing since I was a child. This site holds just a small selection of my writing, though some of this is the writing that I hold most dear to me, largely due to the conversations I have had with the women with whom my words seem to resonate.

The work on this blog is concerned with the topics of female experience, female dignity, female voice and what I understand as some female sacred principles and reflections of the female divine.

I am also an award winning director, producer and screenwriter. This site now features a select amount of my professional film and video work. I will also use this site to introduce new projects, such as my first book, Dear Girl – A Memoir in Letter Form.