From the Focus Features website:

“Babies, the latest film from Focus Features, captures the early life of four babies on four continents: Ponijao in Opuwo, Namibia; Mari in Tokyo, Japan; Bayar from Bayanchandmani, Mongolia; and Hattie from San Francisco, California.

To coincide with the release of Focus Features’ new movies Babies, FilmInFocus decided reached out to a number of independent filmmakers who themselves were new parents and asked them to contribute a short film about them and their babies to the site.”

I was comissioned to make this piece about one month before my daughter’s first birthday. I decided to approach this as her first year in 60 seconds. In many ways, I felt like the time had actually gone by just that fast. Like many new parents, we had heavily documented so many of the moments of my daughters young life, including the moments right after she was born. I assembled and treated the video footage that we had shot on our phones and small digital camera.

This was my second collaboration with film composer and record producer, Julie Wolf.

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