What’s Your Story?

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Collect It.


  Write It.


Shoot it.


“I loved working with Sara St. Martin Lynne, she is an incredible story teller! My video is exactly as I visioned. I look forward to our next project, Sara is a beautiful filmmaker.” -gina Breedlove – Singer, Songwriter, Sound Healer

 My offering, my commitment to you

I believe that telling our stories transforms our lives. My career has brought me into contact with many people and many stories. From children playing on a hillside in San Francisco to Deepok Chopra, people who are building their dreams to people who are reflecting upon the end of their long lives. We all have something to say, something to convey.

I offer an array of options in service to your story. My commitment is to seeing that story materialize in the way that you envision. I offer full scale story midwifery – from helping you recognize, collect, and organize your personal assets for your archival purposes, to writing consultations for memoir and autobiographical essays to creating video documentaries celebrating your life or the life of your loved ones.

I also offer full scale production services for music videos, crowd funding campaigns, live shows and events.

We are, all of us, stories that are being written all of the time. Let’s tell them together.